FestivalFM at Over het IJ Festival 2014

FestivalFM: a portrait of a festival.

Details: Over het IJ Festival, July 3-13th. Every day a live radioshow from the heart of the festival. Interviews with directors, actors and writers, live music, lively reports and unique items round&about the festival and city of Amsterdam. Broadcasted at AmsterdamFM (ether 106.8, cabel 103.3)

In cooperation with reporters Beitske de Jong, Jasmijn Alkemade, Bert Hana and Freek Vielen. Many thanks to Pieter de Jonge, Nico/Silent Disco and AmsterdamFM !

2013-07-07 18.44.55 René den Engelsman en Moon Saris(picture by René den Engelsman en Moon Saris)

Fair Fashion Lab

Every day some 30 million people around the world are exploited so that we can wear clothes. The exhibition Fair Fashion Lab – by/at Humanity House – presents six striking approaches that demonstrate the power of design, art and technology in the search for unusual and surprising solutions to problems in the clothing industry. In addition, Humanity House wants to engage in dialogue with the clothing industry and with exhibition visitors. Therefore I will develop some public activities. Also scheduled is a Fair Fashion Festival. More information about the programmes and festival will follow very soon.



Dutch Theater Festival 2013

The Dutch Theatre Festival shows the best performances of the past theater season on Amsterdam stages (including Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam, Theater Bellevue and De Krakeling). Every september a professional jury panel has selected the ten absolute highlights of the year. Before and after a few of these selected productions I will host the TF-Talks, together with Patrick van der Hijden.

Click here to check the program – at September 6, 8, 9, 12 and 14.

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