4 English ImprovFM podcasts online!

During the international festival IMPRO Amsterdam 2013 ImprovFM recorded 4 podcasts with an international cast of improvisers. Every edition is inspired by one of the 4 natural elements: Earth, Fire, Water and Air. Listen HERE.






Cast: Rama Nicholas (AUS), Adam McKenzie (AUS), Jan Buermans (BE), Christophe Stienlet (BE), Domeka Parker (USA), Michiel Rampaart (NL), Casper Gimbrere (NL), Jeron Dewulf (BE), Ryan Millar (CA), Peter More (UK), and Sven Lanser (NL)
Music: Sacha Hoedemaker (NL) and David Groeneveld (NL) (and LIVE: Marko Bonarius)
Sound Effects: Emil Struijker Boudier (NL)
Tech&Recording: Wouter Snoei (NL)

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