Launch Love Academy

At WOMEN Inc., an annual festival for women, carreer and networking, the first draft of the LOVE ACADEMY got launched!

The Love Academy is a online/offline space where you can expand and deepen your knowledge and skills regarding lust and love. The website provides visitors with lots of info on sex in its broadest sense. They also find an overview of our workshops and events. These workshops, hosted by (experienced) experts, are famous for their open and relaxed atmosphere, and always with a good sense of humor!

The Love Academy offers information to get wiser while sharing and acting by an online library, where we pay attention to a sex-related topics in a playful tone. The activities (workshops, events) of the Love Academy dare to recognize, explore, value and develop sexuality. The program is diverse, since sexuality is such an individual topic. The Love Academy-team is as divers as the topic (sex!). We are an international team which is passionate about its work.

Currently we are very busy to get the Love Academy website up and running. Although we made a start, not yet is our whole website translated to English. This is work in progress, so stay tuned for new info.



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