ImprovFM @ Chicago Improv Festival

During the 16th edition of Chicago Improv Festival (CIF), the largest improv festival of the world, ImprovFM recorded a 4parted series on the Four Seasons, with a mixed cast of talented performers from all over the world. The theme is inspired by the articulate climate of the city and the winter-like spring of the year 2013 (that kept everyone obsessively occupied..).

Recorded at the Upstairs Gallery in Chicago – with great technical support of Tim(othy) Joyce (Chicago, USA) and with live(ly) and fully improvised music by Robbie Ellis (New Zealand).

The recordings are now online! Listen here* to Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.

(* be aware: nothing is edited, they are fully improvised!)

Cast: Peter More (UK/NL), Kevin Mullaney (USA), Harrison George (USA), Daylynn Desouza (IN), Chris Kervick (USA), Senja Merilainen (FIN), Amy Rose Ramelli (USA), Daniel Halft (GER) , Alex Hanpeter (USA), Jude Tedmori (USA), Kyle Reinhard (USA), Joe Bill (USA), Robbie Ellis (NZ)

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