Food for Thought


In 2008 the inspirational project Food for Thought was created in the context of the conference Orbis Pictus-Theatrum Mundi, an initiative by several German and Dutch Universities, in collaboration with theater Frascati, De Brakke Grond.

Food for Thought are one-to-one dates between a scientist and an artist, in bars and restaurants in Amsterdam (NL), while visitors witness.

A scientist offers an artist his knowledge during dinner. Although the setting is intimate, the table is laid for a few more. You are welcome to draw up and witness the conversation. In tasteful atmosphere the table-partners exchange their views, ideas and experiences. Later at night the conversation will be discussed during the living knowledge installation AFTERTHOUGHTS.
 FOOD for THOUGHT aims for breaking the borders of a purely academic or artistic context. By placing the conversations in the lively city-life of Amsterdam and inviting unknown table partners to join dinner, FOOD for THOUGHT challenges refreshing thoughts and an exceptional dinner-experience.

Now Food for Thought is also adapted by the Flemish Art Centre De Brakke Grond (Amsterdam). Visitors can go for dinner with directors or actors before their show. They get a unique insight into their stories and experiences, while enjoying Flemish fries and beer.

Food for Thought becomes a tasty snack for everyone hungry for inspiration.