ImprovFM is an idealistic radio show, containing interviews about artworks, life changing projects, outstanding research and engaged committees, with heavy discussions, emotional outbursts and small or great revelations. The conversations are alternated by short radio documentaries, call-ins, teasers and thematic songs.

The only difference: at ImprovFM all guests, stories, backgrounds, voices, sound effects and music are totally improvised on the spot – by a varying cast of actors and musicians.

ImprovFM aims for the exciting balance between honest stories (history-philosophy-metaphor and relationships), raising the stakes (“If this is true, what else is true?”), and the comedy that naturally follows. The players, in and by their play, build their own society, unmediated by anything other than their interplay and imagination.

ImprovFM toured various festivals and abroad (New York, Chicago). Read TIME-OUT, New York.


Actors and musicians:

Emil Struijker Boudier, David Groeneveld, Michiel Rampaart, Jochem Meijer, Sacha Hoedemaker, Wouter Monden, Bert Hana, Casper Gimbrere, Hiske Eriks, Barbara Knapper, Jeroen Pater, Jasper Smit, Tex de Wit, Marko Bonarius, Sven Lanser, Jense Meek, Margriet van Duijvenbode, Froukje Bouman, Mathieu van den Berk, Reinier Demeijer ( <–NL), Peter More (UK/NL), Rama Nicholas (AUS), Adam McKenzie (AUS), Jan Buermans (BE), Christophe Stienlet (BE), Domeka Parker (USA), Jeron Dewulf (BE), Ryan Millar (CA),  Kevin Mullaney (USA), Harrison George (USA), Daylynn Desouza (IN), Chris Kervick (USA), Senja Merilainen (FIN), Amy Rose Ramelli (USA), Daniel Halft (GER) , Alex Hanpeter (USA), Jude Tedmori (USA), Kyle Reinhard (USA), Joe Bill (USA), Robbie Ellis (NZ)