The Unusual Choice

The Unusual Choice is an optimistic and passionate initiative that promotes and researches long-form Improvisation Theater as art form, as philosophy and as tool for social and personal development – by creating professional and playful improvisation shows, workshops, programs and events. Eventually The Unusual Choice aims to be a physical and lively platform for participants and a broad and diverse audience.

The Unusual Choice believes that improvisation, as philosophy and as activity, has the potential to encourage and empower an optimistic, creative and supportive lifestyle, that affects personal growth and consequently our world.

Improvisation is a powerful tool for connecting teams, enforcing confidence, releasing creativity and sharing joyful experiences. For this reason the ‘Applied Improvisation Network‘ is a growing community in the Netherlands and abroad. Within ‘Applied Improvisation’ they use techniques, philosophies and fun games from improvisation theater  (which support improvised plays and shows) to build stronger communities in the office, at conferences or in daily society.


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