Theater Routes/ Theater Picknicks



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In 2008 Gian initiated the ‘Encounter-Program’ at the Over het IJ Festival (Amsterdam). Over het IJ Festival is one of the biggest site-specific theater festivals of the Netherlands, located at the capital city of the country: Amsterdam.

The Programme aims for conversation and inspiration by special encounters in which visitors go in depth with themes derived from theaterplays.

During the former ‘Theater Routes’ (2009, 2010) the visitors get guided through a dinner with experts, a debate or workshop and a theaterplay. During the current ‘Theater Picknicks’ (2011-2013) the visitors are invited for a theatrical picknick that introduces the visitor in an informal and surprising way to each other and to the theme of the performance. The Theater Picknicks are also adaptable to other festivals and events.

The ‘Encounter Programme‘ has grown to one of the main successes of the Festival.




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